Spartan Sprint 2016

     Well I haven't posted in awhile, but I had to post about my 1st OCR of the 2016 year. It was the Spartan Sprint. It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Conyers, Georgia. I has been very reluctant and nervous about this race. Although I am fitter than I have been in years and have been off and on working out... I just couldn't get excited about the race.

     Part of my ambivalence was the fact that I was not 'racing' with my usual friend Jackie or anyone that I really knew. I had one new friend Bianca who is older and super fun who was racing on the same day as me. So i get there super early and have hubby and the kids drop me off at the site. I wondered around...took a few pics and then I went over to the GORMR(Georgia Obstacles Runners and Mud Runners) tent and tried to be chill. Eventually Bianca arrived and then I felt better. I also made a new friend, Patricia, who is around my age and fun as well.   They included me and pushed me and we had a blast on the course.


had a blast ... met new people ... and finished strong.

I am Spartan.


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