Well I am stuck. Actually it's not about being stuck it's about facing some truths that I don't or won't or can't or choose not to deal with at the moment in terms of making real change. The chapter that I'm supposed to be reading I have briefly looked at and that's it. And that's the problem in a nutshell it is a chapter that talks about the human factor. The human factor is actually the biggest factor that I think can positively and or negatively affect the changes that I want to make in terms of improving my health. 

So far from my reading I know there are internal factors and external factors I am the internal factors and all the other humans in my life are the external factors. That in and of itself is challenging to be very honest with myself about why I do certain things or even be transparent about the things I do that hinder my ability to truly reach optimal health. 

So in an attempt to take baby steps let's at least list my stuff if I can and then I'll just list the people in my life and then I will later address their connection or their relation are there how they factored into my Health goals. 

Internal (MY) issues
-Lack of knowledge 

External - other people
Younger kids

Ohhhh sleepy will continue later. 


Highlight and Categorize

Highlight and categorize your (my) obstacles.

 Goal: To be fit and healthy

What stands in the way of me achieving my goals....?  I used to think it was/is things outside of my control, but in reality it is things mainly within my control and sphere of influence. That is frustrating and humbling to accept.  So here are what I came up with as my obstacles... in ABC order..

  1. Activities with the kids
  2. Being tired
  3. Busy schedule
  4. Eat unhealthy food
  5. Family obligations/Leisure time
  6. Inconsistent motivation
  7. Long commute
  8. No concrete meal plan
  9. No set workout schedule/plan
  10. Not knowledgeable enough in terms of proper diet and exercise programs/methodology
  11. Responsibilities from work
  12. Small support system

Within my control
Being tired
Eat unhealthy food
Family obligations/Leisure time
Inconsistent motivation
No concrete meal plan
No set workout schedule/plan
Not knowledgeable enough in terms of proper diet and exercise programs/methodology
Small support system

I Can influence

Activities with the kids
Busy schedule
Long commute

Outside me of my control
Responsibilities from work



The first letter is S.H.I.F.T. stands for "Specify your desired outcome".  It sounds simple enough but I can tell you from personal experience that it is not as easy as it sounds.

There are so many things I want to improve in my life. I sometimes wonder if that is because I am never satisfied or because I am someone who is looking to be my best person. I like to think that it is the latter. :-)
Some of the areas I want to improve in no particular order are:

  • my career
  • my organization
  • my fitness/health level
  • my finances
  • my friendship circle
So focusing in on one is more challenging than I originally thought it would be. But since I have signed up for 6 OCRs (Obstacle Course Races) and a 15k in 2016. I need to get my health and fitness on the forefront of my priority list. 

So there it is. I want to be healthier. Wow... that sounds so generic and bland. So i need to do some closer evaluations.

I want to be able to run a minimum of 30 minutes without stopping, be able to cross monkey bars, have my body weight and body fat in a normal range before my 45 birthday in 2016.

Questions posed by the book....

What is prompting me to seek this goal/outcome?  This is not a new goal for me. I have been pursuing health and fitness for awhile. I have in the past come up short of reaching my goals. I want to be more consistent and deliberate in how you chose to treat my physical body.

Why do I care so much now about reaching this goal?  I have eliminated other issues that were holding me back. I had the VSG so  now I cant over eat. I had the MMO so now my baby bulge is gone. So now I just need to get focused and get fit.

What would happen if I didn't reach this goal?  I would stay the same weight and have the same abilities physically that i have now. Over time, however, those would diminish and I could gain weight or lose muscle and/or cardio strength.

So that is more goal... but I wonder if I am covering it with enough detail. Only time will tell. 


S.H.I.F.T. Intro

I love self-help books. I always have. I love learning about myself and others. I love thinking about my actions, needs, motives, etc. So now as my 44th birthday approaches Im reading a
few books about habits & change. My latest book is titled Make Your Shift: The Five Most Powerful Moves You Can Make to Get Where YOU Want to Go. I am reading and listening to it compliments of Kindle Unlimited...where you can checkout up to eBooks at a time. This book is my digit and includes audio which is great for my commute.

I am reflecting and pausing at the first set of questions as I do have some real goals I want to accomplish. The hard challenge was focusing what "GOAL" I wanted to address first. I choose getting healthy.  

  • What is prompting me to seek this goal/desired outcome...?
  • Why do I care so much abut reaching this goal...?
  • What would happen if I didnt care about this goal...?
Slee[y gonna ponder this questions over a good nights sleep.




Change is hard. I want to be a real athlete. I want to be faster, stronger, fitter, and overall better physically. It takes such a shift.. mentally--physically-- and emotionally. The hardest part is the mental and the emotional. I fight this battle to do what is right and do what is best. The lazy ...eat whatever and do whatever attitude is easier..yet painful. Painful when you know you could've done more or been better. I am putting stop gaps in place to give myself a better chance at success.

Only time will tell if I will ever be satisfied or at least content with where I am headed and even , more importantly where I am at.

Until then I will keep moving forward toward the direction of my goals.. even if I occasionally revert to old habits... I will  ot quit on myself

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