Well I am stuck. Actually it's not about being stuck it's about facing some truths that I don't or won't or can't or choose not to deal with at the moment in terms of making real change. The chapter that I'm supposed to be reading I have briefly looked at and that's it. And that's the problem in a nutshell it is a chapter that talks about the human factor. The human factor is actually the biggest factor that I think can positively and or negatively affect the changes that I want to make in terms of improving my health. 

So far from my reading I know there are internal factors and external factors I am the internal factors and all the other humans in my life are the external factors. That in and of itself is challenging to be very honest with myself about why I do certain things or even be transparent about the things I do that hinder my ability to truly reach optimal health. 

So in an attempt to take baby steps let's at least list my stuff if I can and then I'll just list the people in my life and then I will later address their connection or their relation are there how they factored into my Health goals. 

Internal (MY) issues
-Lack of knowledge 

External - other people
Younger kids

Ohhhh sleepy will continue later. 

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  1. Oh the internal factors are definitely the biggest hurdle!!!!!!


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