Let me confess I am on my feelings right now so the tone of this blog maybe a tad bit blah. But it gets like that sometime. I am up bright and early at a Spartan event. The event is the Spartan tv show by NBC. My husband was supposed to go with me but he needed to keep working on the cars. So here I stand at an event that I am interested in, excited about all by myself. 

It made me think about my fitness/weight loss/plastic surgery journey. I have had the love and support of several people through my life moments yet in the end I am on my own and left to get it done on my own. Part of me is sad and that fact while another part is proud of it. I have to accept my progress... My success ... My results are in my hands and my hands alone. 

I need to acknowledge my strength, my ability, & my intelligence and how I am enough  to achieve my goals. 

All on my own. 


  1. Sometimes we need that a-ha moment to sit back and say "I am awesome!"

  2. When I am feeling un=appreciated I will tell my family that "I did it with my own two lilly white hands..{ meaning without help from them! Some times that is all you are left with, make sure your hands are strong!!


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